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Can’t believe I’m back in Europe. It almost seems like the past 11 months were a dream

Anonymous said: Best memories/stories from travelling ?

Hmmm that’s a hard one.

Best memories there are too many to choose from.

1 cool story was that once I was on this bus sat at the back in Ecuador and a an old lady got on the bus the started telling me her story. She’d been waiting all day to get enough money for the bus (baring in mind it’s about 25cents) and she’d just been at the hospital, she had a bandage on her chest. They told her she needed a special injection that cost 8dollars. Now at first I was thinking maybe she’s just asking for money. But she continued saying she used to be a cook and have a restaurant and became to ill to work , so I thought about it then handed her 10 dollars. She looked at me like I was God and started crying and held my hand the whole rest of the journey saying id saved her life. Now who knows whether she actually used it for that , but I sure as hell know those 10dollars meant more to her than they’d ever mean to me.

2. Just thought of a memory that stood out. Iguazu falls was incredible. Mother Nature is amazing. I was smiling the whole time I was walking around they are truly impressive, and I’ve seen so many photos but I was still in awe.

3. Another one is I remember me and 2 friends went to this beach place for 2 days and forgot there would be no ATMs and we only just had enough to get back to the main city but not to eat. So we had 12000 pesos between us for food which is about 6dollars and that was enough for a soup and a plate of chips between 3. At first we said this to the owner of the restaurant and he said “but you’re tourists don’t u have money?” And we replied no. Then after he saw us sharing the meal between 3, he comes over and hands us the same thing again for free saying “I love to share”. It ended up being a very satisfying meal and it’s amazing to think these people are poor yet will still be generous as that. In England they wouldn’t give a fuck.

I can’t pick 1 particular memory, but I have a few that really makes me greatful for what I have and I’ve met some amazing people.

Anonymous said: Make your Instagram not private , your pics are great

I literally only just made it private… follow me and y’all see them :)

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Camping in Oregon

Camping in Oregon

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